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Pampering Options

These are the top four recommended pampering options for our guests in our Busselton Accommodation

Massage South West 
Bringing the Day Spa Experience to your Down South doorstep.
We provide the finest therapists with the purest natural products to indulge, invigorate and soothe your soul.
All in the luxury of your Down South accommodation. So sit back and experience Massage South West... Sheer Indulgence...


Margaret River Wellness Centre
At Margaret River Wellness Centre our goal is to bring health and well being to the community. Our treatments are designed specifically to suit each individual's needs, using a variety of techniques to restore health and balance back into your life.


BodyBliss Margaret River
We bring something special here at BodyBliss Margaret River, embracing healing wisdom and the exceptional skills of our well-travelled & experienced therapy team. We are also in the heart of South West’s beautiful Margaret River! Pure Bliss BodyBliss! Established since 2005.


Floating Euphoria 
Floating provides both physical and mental benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. Athletes use float tanks to assist in remediation of injuries and to give them a mental edge during competitions, however, the health benefits of floating also include assistance with magnesium deficiency, relaxation, creativity, reduction of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Research has shown regular floating can allow people to reach brainwave states that are normally only achieved by people who have practised meditation for many years.